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About Me

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I have been a massage therapist since 2007, when, after retiring from 27 years in public service, I started a second career following my passion for health through massage. The ancient art of massage therapy should be a part of self-care for the modern person. 


My work experience includes providing massage at Cornerstone Chiropractic,  Massage Green and Spa Pechanga.  Currently, I am self-employed and enjoy working with various clients at my new place of business in Canyon Lake. 


I have taken many classes to broaden my knowledge of the various healing art modalities to offer multiple services. I am certified in the healing art of Reiki and offer Energetic Healing Bodywork sessions combined with Traditional Massage Therapy.


I am passionate about helping people feel their best and be able to reach their wellness goals.

My Approach

As a holistic massage therapist, I engage with each client by assessing needs and including physical, mental, and emotional factors. I then select from a vast repertoire of possible techniques, customizing the treatment to meet those needs at that time. 


This process is creative, sometimes unexpected, and needs to follow standard routines. The principles of sensitivity, awareness, knowledge, and professionalism guide me. Massage is about sensitive communication through the medium of touch. 


When placing my hand on a client's body, a range of physiological responses can occur, affecting the skin, the sensory nerve receptors, the muscle tissue, the circulation of blood and lymph, the ease of movement of joints, the digestion, and so on. 


My skill as a holistic massage therapist, varying the depth, speed, and intention involved in the touch, helps to determine which response occurs. I have an intuitive, nurturing, and solid massage flow that addresses more profound muscle tension and discomfort. I customize pressure according to my client's preferences and their body's capacity and comfort.

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